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Welcome to Farm-to-Altar

A Local Florist's Exploration of Sustainable Weddings

Hello! I'm so glad you're here with me. Welcome to Farm-to-Altar, my informal exploration off all things sustainable in the wedding industry.

Let me start by introducing myself, I'm Lindsey. I'm Barbara's youngest daughter and have been literally living in an eco-friendly sustainable wedding business for the last 30 years. That's why I wasn't at all surprised to read a recent Wedding Wire (industry rag) statistic that 1 in 5 couples now care about making their own weddings more sustainable. Also, as gen Zers get older, they only expect that number to grow.

However, I was really surprised to see a wedding magazine say that wedding vendors aren't doing anything to make weddings more sustainable. I instantly thought, well that isn't true. Our company does a ton to make weddings more sustainable. I also know other vendors work really hard to make that happen too. The reality is, most wedding vendors are small mom-and-pop shops. Few of them have the resources and know-how to create a digital brand around sustainability.

So, I thought, I'll start a blog and get to the real dirt on sustainability in the wedding industry. I'll do my best to keep things organized into the four categories below. That way it's easy to find what topics interest you the most.

Also, I don't advocate for zero-waste weddings. I also don't advocate for skipping the whole thing and getting eloped. Those are great things and I fully support those efforts. However, I also know a lot of couples want a wedding so they can celebrate their marriage amongst friends and family. I think that's a beautiful thing to do. I also believe we should celebrate every small step we take towards protecting the earth for further generations. So, in my book, every little bit counts!


Growing Wild Farm

Curious what it takes to be a farmer-florist? Feeling the need to know what Dunkin & Donut are up to?

Growing Wild Farm posts are all about the random and wild happenings around the farm. We'll show you what goes into sustainable flower farming and give you the low down on all our wild pets!


Eco-Friendly Couples

Interested in hearing from other couples? Want a realistic perspective on how others are trying to go eco-friendly for their event?

Eco-Friendly Couples posts are real conversations about real couples. Here we'll see what is important to others and what feels achievable.


Vendor Perspectives

Looking to understand what wedding vendors do behind-the-scenes? Want to know what questions to ask?

Vendor Perspectives posts are honest conversations with actual wedding vendors. These experts have done hundreds of weddings and offer know-how on what works and what doesn't.


Earth Loving Gifts

Planning to gift something special to your wedding party? Ensuring your wedding is eco-friendly by giving sustainable gifts?

Earth Loving Gifts are posts about all the wonderful eco-friendly gifts I come across as a wedding florist. Hopefully, it'll give some couples inspiration and some small companies a boost.


Thanks for sticking with me.

I'm looking forward to these conversations and I hope you are too. Until next time, I'll be digging in the dirt.

Best, Lindsey


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