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Exceptional. Realistic. Sustainable 

Growing Wild Floral Co is the premier wedding florist focused on Farm-to-Altar sustainable weddings. We've been delighting couples with expectational personalized wedding flowers at realistic prices for almost 30 years. Read our 300+ reviews. 

We provide full service and partial service wedding flowers to the broader Washington DC and Northern Virginia Wine region. 

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Service Offerings

Full Service Weddings 


We offer full service personalized floral design, delivery and on-site installations for events in the greater Northern Virginia and Washington DC region. 

Peak Season: $4000 minimum 

Off Season: Inquire please 

Partial Service Weddings 


We offer limited service personalized floral designs for smaller weddings and events. Couples can pickup  their flowers from either our Vienna VA or our Delaplane VA locations. 

Peak Season: $2000 minimum

Off Season: Inquire please 

 Pricing & Photos

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Our Pricing Philosophy
We Price Differently 


The industry standard  for pricing  wedding flowers is typically 3 to 5 times the wholesale price per stem. We price differently at Growing Wild. Our prices are basically standard, regardless of the types of flowers you choose (though a few flowers such as calla lilies or some orchids are so expensive we do have a small surcharge). We use a sizeable portion of your total budget to shop for your wholesale flowers and hard goods. While we will use any flowers that you want (assuming they are available and not crazy expensive), if you give us flex to pull from our gardens, we can help maximize your floral budget.

We work to keep prices as realistic as possible. We get it, wedding flowers are expensive. They're perishable and require skill and talent to do right. Here's what we do to keep our costs down: 

  • We have established gardens on our 65 acre farm where we grow as many of our own flowers as possible. Flying refrigerated flowers across oceans is expensive, by keeping it local we can help minimize costs as well as reduce the  impact on the environment. It's a win-win for everyone. 

  • We have our design studio on our farm about 60 minutes from Washington DC. We don't need to pay rent for a studio or incur the costs of a retail shop. 

  • We rely on social media, word-of-mouth, and great vendor partnerships for our marketing. We don't need to incur high costs here either. We've found, if you do great work people will always want to work with you. 

Rent Your Hard Goods from Us


What do you plan to do with 25 table arrangement containers after your big day? Do you need all those candles? At Growing Wild, we assume that you probably don't need all of them, maybe just a few. Another key way we keep the costs down for couples is by reusing the hard goods (glass, ceramic, stone, wood) and other materials. This allows us to buy very high quality containers but to spread the cost out over multiple weddings.


Don't worry, we don't plan to reuse the flowers, it's the expensive silver urn we want to reuse! In addition to creating a much nicer overall look for your wedding, it gives you a larger choice of hard goods to select from, and prevents us from needing to use a lot of single-use plastic. 

We typically pick up all rental hard goods at the end of the reception so that you are not responsible for returning them to us. If you wish to use the arrangements after the event let us know. We will arrange to get them from you the following week.  We will also take back any remaining flowers and greens that have not been scooped up by your guests or catering staff. (We compost them!) Be advised that you are responsible for all rental hard goods. If they are lost or taken, we will charge you our replacement cost. If you opt to go with non-rentals (e.g. purchase them) we will buy containers with your budget dollars or you can provide your own and get them to us one week prior to the wedding. Our above pricing assumes renting. 

Note: We sometimes incorporate silk flowers along with fresh flowers/greens when decorating arches and chuppahs. We do this to help  you keep down costs and to prevent wilting during hot weather.

Yellow Flowers


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